Homemade Bajadera

Homemade Bajadera

Bajadera, a cherished dessert hailing from the enchanting Balkan region, embodies a delectable symphony of flavors. This culinary masterpiece unveils layers of heavenly chocolate intertwined with an irresistible nutty essence, captivating the taste buds with every delicate bite. With its rich and indulgent composition, Bajadera entices dessert enthusiasts with an exquisite combination of textures and an abundance of tantalizing aromas. This beloved treat stands as a testament to the culinary prowess of the Balkans, leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to savor its decadent allure.



  • Pot
  • 2 Mixing bowls
  • Saran wrap
  • 14x8in baking sheet


1. Add 200ml of water and 200g of sugar in a pot and heat it up until the sugar is melted.

2. Add 250g of margarine and 10g of Vanilla sugar and mix on low heat until everything is a liquid.

3. In big bowl add 400g ground lane and 400g of ground hazelnut and mix until even consistency.

4. Add the margarine and sugar mix to the ground mix. Mix it with a spoon until even and soft.

5. Divide it into 2 equal pieces. (You can use a scale to measure the weight)

6. Melt 100g of Baking Chocolate on the stove or in microwave.

7. In one half of the mix add melted chocolate and mix it with a spoon until an even consistency.

8. Cover your baking sheet with saran wrap or parchment paper and add light half of mix and spread evenly across tray.

9. Then add the chocolate mix on top and spread evenly.

Top Coat:

  • 150g chocolate for cooking
  • 1 ml waters
  • 1 ml cooking oil
  • 2 table spoon sugar

10. Add all of the ingredients into a pot and heat it until melted. 

11. Spread evenly on top and leave it in fridge overnight.

12. Cut into small squares and enjoy!

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